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Having a life-long passion for food, Chef Scott Schymik knew there was a place for his vision in his home town. A Rietz Memorial High School graduate, his career began as an apprentice to Master Chef Horst Galow in 1996 at Kirby's Private Dining. He spent 5 years training to take over as Head Chef in 2001 and went on to purchase Kirby's in 2004. He remained the owner and chef of Kirbys until 2014, at which time he decided to make it his own. After a remodel project, Kirby's became Sauced and The Ballroom at Sauced. In 2019, Chef Scott Schymik was ready to expand. He purchased and remodeled the building we call home and opened Schymik's Kitchen where he continues to pour into our community through fine dining and memorable experiences.

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